Saturday, April 24, 2010

Last time I'm trusting the box...

I planned on doing 2 things this evening:
  1. Back up my computer
  2. Clean my room
I only got one of them done.

I asked for an external hard drive for my birthday after hearing one too many stories of people's computers dying on them after 3 or 4 years of use right after they had finished a huge paper.  Having bought my computer right after graduation from high school I'm nearing my third year of use and I don't want to take any chances - especially with the 5000 plus photos I currently have on it.  Today I went to set it up and it took over 2 hours or so to figure out how to do it after the box advertised  easy, straight-forward installation.  I probably used up many minutes on my phone talking to my dad trying to figure out what I did wrong.  It turns out it would have been much simpler if I had done things in the correct order and hadn't skipped steps (something I didn't realize I was doing as I thought it had already done it automatically when I plugged it in... I never claimed to be computer savvy), but once things were straightened out it was in fact quite easy. 

Now almost 5 hours later I have a backed up computer... but an equally messy room - though most things did move location.  I guess you can't do everything in one day.  The room will have to wait until tomorrow.


Photo of the day:
Uncle Sean and Emma at Grandma's 80th birthday party

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday, the 21st

So I have a few minutes before class starts at 4.  I haven't written in weeks, well, let's not lie... it's been months since I've had a moment where I felt clear minded enough to sit down and type something out. 

The big news from this semester is: I got engaged!  Zach and I got engaged on the 4th of April.  We couldn't be happier though at this point, with the wedding date (undecided) so far away, nothing has really changed - which is exactly the way I wanted it. We'd had a debate about this for a while - what difference does it make if we're dating for 5 years and engaged for one or dating for 2.5 and engaged for 3?  Obviously we decided it really didn't make a difference and since I have 3 more years of school, we'll be doing the latter.  He hasn't gotten a ring yet so I'm wearing my great-grandmother's engagement ring that I received from my mother on my 18th birthday.  I really like it, but it's not really "me"... so Zach is getting me the real one when he can afford it.

Less exciting happenings in my life: I'm taking a triathlon gym class at school which for the first half of the semester was basically work out (run or bike) in the gym 2 days a week and you get credit.  Then our teacher left and we've had real workouts this semester.  We had swimming for 3 weeks, and now we're on the track with the track coach, who so far has been great and really helpful in keeping me motivated.  Swimming was very tough for me - I've never been a great swimmer as much as I enjoy being in the water.  It didn't help I was the slowest one there and everyone was always waiting for me to finish.  Physically swimming felt great, but psychologically it didn't make me feel great about myself.  Now that we're on the track I'm enjoying it a lot more though I'm still probably slowest.  We did some Fartleks today which was fun to finally understand how exactly to do a work out and not just run until I'm tired.  I'll just need to keep up the workouts I learn in this class.

Well, it's class time.  Hopefully I'll be back to write soon.