Saturday, May 8, 2010

A run, a barbeque and rain

Our Greek Life Picnic was scheduled for today at 3 pm.   I decided I would run down - It's 4.5 miles and the first 1.5 miles are down hill, so I figured it would be doable.  I did it and I never had a better run prior to that.  The weather was questionable the entire way down and it started to rain the last 5 minutes of it, but prior to that it was sunny with a breeze that cooled me off as I went.  It didn't feel like 4.5 miles and I'm sure its because of the initial down hill part.  It's difficult not to run down hill for a mile and half for a run that leaves campus since campus is on a hill.  I felt a bit of accomplishment though because normally unless I'm in a race I can't run for longer than half an hour or a couple of miles.  Maybe next time I'll have to try running back up the hill :-/

When I got there hamburgers and hot dogs were grilling so I patiently waited for my refueling. After receiving my hamburger, it promptly started to downpour again and people dispersed. 

I came back with the intent to study.  I instead showered and slept for a couple hours, ate and procrastinated a bit until I've found myself here at 8:30 no further into my studying than I was at 2 o'clock this afternoon.  Well, I should probably get to work. Anatomy - here I come!

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