Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A nice chat

In a world where texting and Facebook are the main ways of communicating, I have learned to really love and appreciate the times I get to spend face to face with my friends.  Being in college, and all of us going to different colleges, these instances have become even rarer.  Tonight I spent a whole 2 hours talking one-on-one with one of my oldest friends - we've known each other for about 15 years at this point.  Over tea and a peppermint mocha the conversation came so easily, as if often does between longtime friends - thoughts about the present and the future, though they did not dwell on the past as much as conversations used to.  I'm actually just realizing how we've started focusing more about the "here and now" than on high school and other times in our childish past.  It's as if we've moved on from wishing we were in the simple times of high school, and truly accepted being into a new part of our life.   In those two hours we caught up on more of each other's lives than we ever could in a group of people or over phones or the internet.  There was no confusion on reflection or tone of the conversation as there often is with computers.

What a nice chat.

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