Saturday, February 12, 2011

Joy of cooking?

I've unfortunately discovered that I don't really enjoy cooking.  I'm not sure if this is a temporary thing stemming from the fact that campus apartments have less than ideal kitchens that must be shared (in my case) with 5 others on a daily basis.  Who really wants to make some extravagant thing they've never tried before that takes up every dish in the house, when your room mate is going to be hungry and need that burner on which you are creating your sauce?  Or maybe it is more because I'm not very experienced so every minute in the kitchen is one of constant tension as I try to dice the onions without scalding the milk.   I really think the reason I haven't been enjoying cooking is because what I enjoy about cooking is the company that comes along with it.  Growing up I would help my mom or dad in the kitchen, taking on bigger roles as I got older.  I loved helping out to create the family meal.  Now I love baking and cooking for Zach and for my family and friends because when I'm done I get to socialize and share my creation.  If I'm left to cook it's some variation of mac and cheese, or spaghetti with whatever veggies I picked up at Wegman's that week.  When Zach cooks: it's a masterpiece.

Zach actually cooks most often now: he's much better at it and he really enjoys it.  He has a couple cookbooks of Jamie Oliver's and everything we have made from them are delicious! While he's cooking I'll sit out of the way and talk to him, or do homework, or knit, ready to lend him a hand when he needs to grab something from the fridge, or just needs a third one. Then my favorite part comes: sharing the wonderful meal :)

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