Tuesday, February 15, 2011


"...And now we do Soulja Boy, what versions do you all know?"

Blank stares.

There are versions?

We were learning the newest dance in our Tap Club repertoire: a Superhero mezcla in honor of Ithaca Relay for Life's 2011 theme of... you guessed it: Superheroes!!  We had just learned about 30 seconds of a dance, and our choreographer asks us to do a "Soulja boy"... well, of the 12 people present, only 4 of us including the choreographer knew the Soulja boy dance, we're tappers, not hip hoppers!

But now, after learning the dance that so many people already know, we are more like the rest of the world, except we make sounds when we hop to the sides with our arms lagging behind "cranking" to the beat.  Clink. Clink. Clink. Clink.  We may look silly doing it, our overall look almost as far from hip hop as could be (only a ballerina could be further) but it was fun to learn something a bit simpler than the more complex numbers we've been learning lately.  

As we walked out into the cold after rehearsal, I realized that something about tonight reminded me of why I love Tap Club so much.  I love the other members and how we laugh about everything, I love the dancing and I love having a few hours a week during which nothing matters but the neurological connection between my brain and my feet.

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