Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Navona Cardigan

Decided to be a cliche this week and post a WIP Wednesday.

I started the Navona Cardigan on the 1st of February with the Woolly Mammoth Knits KAL, which you can find at the link below on Ravelry.

I used some stash fingering weight yarn I received as a gift from the lovely knitters in Ithaca (Thanks again! I am currently making plans among plans to use all the colorful yarn you gave me!)

The main color is Dove Heather colorway of Knit Picks Stroll, of which I have 5 balls.

The contrast color is a beautiful turquoise in Brown Sheep Wildefoote.

It's proved to be a very good "multi-tasking" project.  I've worked on it while listening to podcasts, watching the super bowl, listening to lectures and therefore got a good chunk done already.
This is not the most updated photo (probably about half of what is actually done) but I've been lazy and haven't gotten a new photo yet
I've gotten to the point where I divide for the sleeves and then I will start the first stripe of color, which after all that grey, I'll welcome :)

I have paused on it, because though it is probably a stupid question, I'm not sure what kind of yarn is best to use for waste yarn.  Normally I just use whatever I have available but what I have is worsted weight or a very thin/weak fingering weight that broke on me the last time I used it as waste yarn. Most of my stash is at home (I'm at school right now) so I don't have a lot of options as to what to use.  

Do you have yarn you specifically use for waste yarn or do you just use leftovers?

What characteristics make a good waste yarn?


  1. Hi there, Kerry.
    I've been enjoying reading your blog lately!
    I just use whatever leftover yarn I have hanging around as waste yarn. Something tightly plyed would be less likely to break apart.

    1. Thanks for your comment and reply! It feels good to know someone is reading :) I ended up using a bit of sock yarn I found that seemed to be a bit tougher than the other stuff I had used in the past. Hopefully it'll work!

  2. I keep a very small ball of Lorna's Laces in my knitting bag, and sometimes random scraps from past projects. Honestly I have had good luck with acrylic scraps. Don't feel as if the waste yarn has to be the same weight as your project. Obviously a super bulky would be too big for a fingering weight sweater, but there is a lot of wiggle room, since the waste yarn just needs to be smaller than your needle diameter.

    Molly : )