Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just another trip to Tops...

I decided to buy "panniers" or "saddle bags" for my bike so that at school I have a means of shopping without a car.  We drive over to the bike shop and when I ask about the bags I am showed a row of options.  I pick out a handy pair of red bags that looks something like this.  While looking for that link I found this that is a bit more what I was looking for initially but I think what I got will work out quite nicely.  

I hooked the panniers onto my bike and took it over to the bakery and then to Tops.  No problems along the way until I reached the Tim Hortons Corner (dum, dum, dum, dum, DUUUUMMMM!!!).  I pull into the left turning lane and a man who appeared slightly out of it was pulled along the curb.  He calls over some  comment about staying on the side of the road and I politely tell him I  am turning left and therefore need to be in the left lane.  He stated he too was going left but he just went out around the outside.  I instantly start to wonder what happens when we both try to turn left and images of the confusion as a car tries to turn right flash through my head.  As soon as the light turns green and the coast is clear I continue onto Tops.  After picking up the two things I needed I leave the store and there is my friend, reeking of alcohol, watching as I hook my pannier back to my bike.   

"You got that ok?"

"Yup, I'm fine"  I reply though I'm thinking he wouldn't be any help in his drunken state if I did need it. I seriously worry about his ability to stay balanced on a bike and hope he isn't going back the same way he came.

He courteously lets me go first and I ride off into the sunset... no not really...  I jump down the curb send my rear light flying into the middle of the road.  I watched painfully as the light got run over not once but twice. I discovered that though the panniers work great, my light setup could use some work... and a new light.

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