Monday, August 1, 2011

A week worth of catching up

I've been MIA for many reasons, but mainly because I haven't turned my computer on for a week.  No, I haven't been completely without a computer for a week, I just used my parent's computer.  I didn't want to upload photos to their computer so I kept putting off updating my blog.  I kept saying: today I will write a few posts and schedule them to go up... but alas it never happened. So I'll give you a quick update on the last week:

My knitting is cursed:
Texture socks went up in flames: second sock pattern proved to be much nicer but I started the sock a size too small.  I've decided to get new yarn to remake that pattern because I'm getting sick of the black, purples and greens and feel I'll go insane if I continue to try and make it work.  I've made notes of what I did for the second sock and will be remaking them when I get new self-striping yarn.
P.S. I am not using this as an excuse to buy more yarn. My dad actually suggested it!

I was doing great on my December Lacy Scarf... until I lost a stitch and had to go back about 15 rows.  I got to confident and stopped using the lifeline regularly and then I messed up.  Again I lost motivation on that project.

Smittens are going fine, though I haven't worked on them in a while because I had done the 3 I wanted to do in July so I took a break from them to focus on the above projects.  I'm not sure I'm ready to get going on August's 3 yet.

I bought some bulky yarn at the sidewalk sale and started making Shroom only to find out that it was too small and wouldn't be comfy so I  ripped that out and plan to redo it.  It is a pretty quick knit, but I had spent most of my afternoon on it and don't feel like spending all evening.  That shall be part of tomorrow's quest.


I went blueberry picking with Maddie and Erin and we picked tons of blueberries.  That night we made blueberry buckle and my dad and I used ours to make blueberry muffins and blueberry pie. Yum!

We went to a few fellow EA graduates' performance the other night at a bar in Buffalo. It was an adventure for sure.  There were 5 bands total: RedBeard was very good as was Arctic Death (the two we knew people in).  The other three had some good numbers but for the most part were mediocre.  Crush, The Everlasting was on right before Arctic Death and were a good band to bring the crowd back to focus.  After 3 bands everyone was getting a bit tired (at least from my crew).  We saw bunch of people from EA whom we hadn't seen in years.  Overall, fun times.

Uncle Sean stopped by for dinner on Saturday on his way through town to go up to Canada for vacation at the cottage.  I get to go next week after Celia's wedding... I'm very excited for both!

... And I would have tons more photos to show you but my camera isn't reading my card.  Ugh. The world is against me today.  Maybe if it starts to work I'll update with photos at a later date.

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