Monday, July 25, 2011

A 5K race and some works in progress

Lindsay Matthews Memorial 5K
If only the race had started at 8 AM it would have been a perfect day for a run.  I woke up earlier in the morning to rain, and hoped that the rain would stick around so that we'd stay cool for the run.  No such luck.  It was in the mid-80s and sunny for the race, which really was nice minus the humidity that made it sticky to breath.  Cait came with me and we ran into Katie which made for a pleasant morning despite the heat.  Cait took off ahead of me shortly after the first mile and I ended up doing more of a walk/run for the last mile and a half.  It started out on the road, wrapped around back to the park it started at and then ran on some gravel, up a hill (short but steep, Ithaca would have been disappointed in me for walking it) and then finished on a soccer field.  It was nice to have a change in surface, though running on the gravel when you're not used to it takes a lot out of you.  I have to say this race had great food for the after party: pizza, pasta, salad, veggies, fruit, drinks of all sorts.  Not that I go to a race for the after party, but it is nice when they provide more than fruit and water.  I finished in 33:15 which is reasonable for the heat but not quite fast enough to support a trip to the yarn store.  There is another 5K this coming weekend so I think I'll try again and see how things go!

Project: Late February Lace Scarf
I started this scarf yesterday as a break from the easy straight knitting I've been doing a lot of. I had started it back in February (thus the name) but got busy with school and kept having to rip it out so I put it aside for a bit.  I finally decided to pull it back out now that my mind is free and I don't have anything to really focus on.  It had been going quickly but once I finished the increases I haven't been able to get past line 5 of Chart B.  I keep losing a stitch somewhere though I can't figure out where.  I'm going to start again from the beginning of Chart B (Thank god for lifelines) but this time I'm going to count stitches every row and be very focused on the pattern: no talking, no distractions.  It is turning out very nice and I really hope I can get past this one spot in the pattern.
Project: Smittens
 This project is a fun on going project.  I'd go insane if I tried to make all 24 mittens at once but I've gotten to the point with the pattern where I almost don't need to look at the pattern anymore.  I plan to make it into an Advent calendar and put chocolates in each mitten for my parents and brother.  I'll have to finish it by Thanksgiving in order to set it up for my parents before I go back to school.  I have 14 mittens done, 10 to go and 3 months to knit them.  About 3 mittens/month if I can get one more done before August!

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