Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Found my first sweater pattern!

Something I have always wanted to do is knit a sweater.  I have such a hard time finishing the small projects I often wonder if I'm crazy even to consider making a sweater, but I want to try.  I have looked all over the web for the "perfect first sweater" but nothing quite hit me as "the one." (I sound like I'm talking about men at a bar...)  But I think I may have found one in the Fall 2011 edition of Knitscene I picked up last night at Tops:

Pattern: Counterfort Pullover by Melissa J. Goodale
Photo copyright of Knitscene Magazine
It is a top-down construction and once I get past the yoke it's mostly shaping so it shouldn't be too intimidating.  It might even be easy enough for me to do some knitting in lecture.  I'm so excited to make this!  I really hope I make my 5K goal soon so I can go splurge on some yarn :)

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