Monday, July 4, 2011

Book Review: Juliet, Naked (audiobook)

I finally finished Juliet, Naked by Nick Hornby.  I say finally not because I didn't like it and was itching to finish, but because I was listening to it at 15 minute increments on my way to and from work through the last month or so.  This story really hit home for me.  Having just gotten out of a relationship in which I had "gotten comfortable" and had not allowed myself to see that there were better things out there hearing the thoughts of the main character, Annie, on her 15 year relationship with a man who doesn't appreciate her made me look back at my relationship with different eyes.   I really felt like Nick Hornby had plugged into my mind in the past few months and wrote down and expanded upon the many fleeting thoughts of confusion and hurt that passed through my brain.  One specific part talks about wasted time and Tucker Crowe tries to calculate how much time Annie had wasted, but comes to the conclusion that though she felt that the past 15 years were wasted, there were many things she had to have enjoyed making the time not a waste. This was a fun book to listen to.  There are three readers who read in turn depending on who the narrator is focusing on at the moment.  I definitely plan to read more books by Nick Hornby, I've actually already picked up my next one from the library: A Long Way Down.

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